You Found Us!
Welcome to CMYourK!

We’re a design studio based out of a small nook in Delhi, powered by a love of (really) ambitious ideas, distinctive design and the occasional blueberry cheesecake.


Our values

Design Powered by Togetherness

When you work with us, you’re actually working with us- not ten different people, in ten different places, for ten different things for ten other people. We aren’t a vendor, we don’t even like calling ourselves an agency. You can call us your team, maybe because we love building conducive and collaborative relationships- for a better final pieces of ourselves that we all love!

Driving Creativity Through Curiosity

Our curiosity is our greatest asset, pushing us towards new discoveries, leading us to design epiphanies. Learning more about you and your brand is our path towards design inspiration, to ensure our work speaks volumes.

Purposeful Designs for the Win

The art of communication centres around efficiency: expressing a larger meaning in a handful of words. Drawing from this, we strive to deliver designs that encapsulate more than just words, designs that strike a note in people's hearts and minds

How We Work
what are the secret ingredients?

1. Collaborative approach

We’ve refined a process that promotes strategy, creative flair and robust project management. We work closely with you to establish a framework for objective decision making, allowing us the creative freedom to get beyond the generic without losing sight of your goals.

2. Goal-driven design.

We focus on building a deep understanding of your business, how it works and how you stand out. We work with you to define clear goals and then begin considering the most effective ways of achieving them.

3. Iterating for success.

We present our strongest ideas and, with your assistance, review them against the strategic objectives. We then go through a cyclical process of development, testing and refining. We cut no corners in ensuring that the end result is as effective at meeting business objectives as it is visually impactful.

4. Smooth handover.

Finally, we roll out all designs, handing over a full suite of the assets. To ensure smooth and consistent implementation, we provide clear usage guidelines along with ongoing support.